Various types of fine herbs are found on the land of India, of which Shilajit is also one. In Ayurveda too, with the merits of Shilajit, many of its qualities have also been revered.

Let me tell you that Maharishi Charaka himself said that there is no such disease on earth that cannot be treated with Shilajit.

In taste, Shilajit is very bitter, astringent, warm and nourishing the semen. In appearance, it is very dark and thick like coal tar which takes a very bright appearance after drying.

This is useful for keeping our immunity system healthy and reducing the aging effect.

Similarly, it consists of humic acid and fulvic acid which is probably very beneficial for normal health of a man or woman.

Furthermore, it's far acquired from natural resources, because of which it do not adversely affect the health of the individual.

It may be effortlessly recognized because of its mild brown to blackish brown shade. However, it is considered as a rejuvenator and an adaptogen that might enhance the body's potential to react to stress.

Furthermore, the Shilajit Gold fitness benefits are uncountable, as it consists of nearly 85 critical minerals in ionic form.

  • It is broadly used to enhance Kidney function.
  • An antioxidant safely neutralizes the free radicals which can be responsible for ageing process.
  • It includes fulvic acid that can improve the bio-availability of iron.
  • It’s have an effect on the neurotransmitters of brain to relieve joint pain.
  • It additionally decreases the level of serum phospholipids, and liver ldl cholesterol.
  • It purifies the blood, and counteracts diabetes by using way of regulating the blood sugar level.

Strong anti -decedent: Consumption of Shilajit increases your immunity. The minerals present in it make your body strong.

Through which energy is transmitted to you. It is a good controller of enzymic and nonenzymic activity.

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It is better if Shilajit is consumed before sunrise. Eat Shilajit with milk and honey in the morning before sunrise and eat something after 3-4 hours.