Pregnancy is a time while you receive advice from every mother about your food plan, with one general thought being to take saffron (kesar) in your meals.

The world’s most expensive spice is the maximum well known product by pregnant ladies who want to provide all of the best things on earth to the baby in their womb.

If you want to use saffron to help in digestion, you could eat it, because the process of digestion is slow at some stage in pregnancy. The spice forms a defensive coating in your digestive tract, and this helps to soothe acidity.

Pregnant women can begin taking Kesar from 2nd trimester. Tej Natural Saffron can be eaten up in the morning as well as in the night with a warm glass of milk.

Just placed a pinch of saffron over the glass of milk and feel the difference. Even when you are cooking for the pregnant woman, put a few stands of saffron in it.

You need to not consume more saffron in your diet. Just a pinch will be best.
Saffron flower during pregnancy:

Saffron flower and milk helps in the useful resource in having a fairer baby. It facilitates in forming an extra layer to calming the gastrointestinal acidity. However can actually aid digestion that is slow for the duration of pregnancy.

  1. Digestion: It improves digestion and urge for food by providing the blood to all parts of the body uniformly. It even aids is calming the gastrointestinal acidity.
  2. Stomachache: Stomachache helps in increasing the milk production and eliminates stomach ache issues. The anti-spasmodic effect that is found in it plays a key role in preventing the stomach ache pain.
  3. Blood pressure: Saffron is advised to take most effective 3 – 4 stands of saffron in milk and helps to reduce the blood pressure, mood swings of a woman. It has many recovery natures that aid in muscle rest and even taking it in huge dose facilitates in uterine stimulant.
  4. Kidney and liver problem: Kesar is pleasant to smell and is good for health and helps to get fair skin tone. This blood cleaner powder is quite useful to resolve liver, bladder and kidney issues.
  5. Movement of the baby: A pregnant woman feel the movement of a baby in stomach when only after 5 months and this can be easily felt by having kesar or saffron within the milk or in food after 5 months. This even increases the body warmth.

Pure Kashmiri Kesar is packed with antioxidants that are a key a part of a healthy diet. Premium Kashmir Saffron will make you is cooking tantalizing, and everybody who has a flavor will fall in love. Also awesome for making saffron tea and saffron facial mask.

This is advised that pregnant women should never take it in large quantities of side effects. You should feel comfortable so find out from your medical doctor if it is safe for you to consume saffron during pregnancy.

Saffron is considered as one of the oldest herbs to be had today, and it has also been used for several purposes.