Saffron is a healthy and flavorful food item, which is used in many ways. Saffron is very valuable, which can be estimated from its price.

Saffron is full of nutrients, due to which we can get its medicinal properties by consuming only a small or small amount.

100% pure saffron is generally used as an ingredient in desserts and other Indian cuisines. It gives a lovely reddish-orange tinge coloring to the cooked dish together with a diffused honey taste.

A huge amount of human labor is involved in obtaining these delicate saffron threads from the flower, hence making it one of the most expensive herbs global.

The saffron here is light, thin, red-colored, smelling beautiful like a lotus. It takes about 75 thousand flowers to make only 450 grams of saffron.

Benefits of Saffron uses

Soaked in Milk

Calcium is extremely essential to fulfill the growing desires of the baby. One of the simplest ways to eat saffron is via adding to 3 strands of saffron in milk.

Energy Booster

Pure Kashmiri Kesar acts as an energy booster for us and accelerates the speed of metabolism by increasing blood circulation, which leads to an adequate flow of oxygen to various organs of the body and keeps the body healthy.

Increase RBC

Iron is found in high amounts in saffron, due to which its intake increases the level of red blood cells and reduces the risk of anemia.

Control blood pressure

Potassium is found in sufficient quantity in saffron, which reduces the pressure on blood vessels and arteries and prevents heart diseases by controlling blood pressure.

Tej Natural Saffron has some amazing effects on the human body, but saffron needs to be monitored. When consumed in excessive amounts, there can be a lot of damage.