Anti aging cream – 50g

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Become younger with Tej anti aging cream and gives your skin a new life. Tej improves your skin health and reducing pollution damage. Promotes a new GLOW on your face,  anti-aging cream moisturizes your skin and keeps from fine lines away. Tej is made with natural ingredients.

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This formulation comes with the property of natural healing enabled by hydrating ingredients. Your skin start becoming firm and shiny with the strong antioxidant present in this cream, and help you fight aging and stay young.

Tej anti Aging cream lighten your skin that makes you young looking. Its glow your skin from roughness to clearness. It has natural ingredients that give natural glow to the skin. It improves your skin health and reproduces the damaging skin cells. With Tej you will surely have a clear and glowing.


  • Helps you retain skin firmness and prevent aging
  • Treats pigmentation disorders such as age spots and uneven pigmentation
  • Enhances skin radiance and reduce dullness
  • Treats and prevents formation of fine lines and wrinkles







Always check a brand new product in a peripheral area — your neck, your arm — before using it on your face to ensure your skin does not react negatively to it. Avoid any products that burn, anguish or irritate your skin. Do not use on open skin. Always wash hands before the usage of product jars.


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