About US

Tej Natural is the fast-emerging eCommerce division of the highly prestigious M/S GOBIND RAM KAHAN CHAND (GRKC), which is in service to our customers for more than 200 years.

Tej Natural provide health and beauty care solutions through specialized products to Indian customers delivered via the online purchase convenience.

About GRKC

GRKC was established in 1805 at Lahore by company’s fore founders and since then it manufactured, marketed & co-packed Ayurveda Medicines, Murabbas Biscuits, Wheat Flour, Spices & Candies at Lahore and continued unabatedly at Head office and factory at Delhi, Kundli (Haryana), Indore, Gwalior (M.P), Hyderabad, Siliguri (West Bengal), Kala-amb (H.P) & Madurai (Tamil Nadu) after the 1947 partition of the country.

Tej Natural – Your Online Store for Health & Beauty Care Solutions

Tej Natural is very systematic in choosing the products that we recommend & sell. You will find only the best in class products at our store. Extreme care is taken to choose only those products that are specialised for different skin types & lifestyle issues. We have a dedicated team working on the development of products that are hypoallergenic, medically reviewed & dermatologically recommended by experts in the country.

At Tej Natural , products are also demonstrated according to their key purpose or benefits, to help you achieve what you require.

We focus utmost on quality and ensure to the core that the products that you shop on our website is governed by multi-layer quality testing and it is delivered at your door step in the best form in terms of quality and quantity.

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